Newbie question about registering domains
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Re: Newbie question about registering domains

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barkingdoggy wrote:Thanks, Cassini, that fixes the Errno 2. Rebooting fixed the various other issues found except one (see below). NB: The only way to get nmcontrol to run cleanly following a reboot is to launch the nncontrol.pyc file generated by the build_windows batch file. Neither of the nmcontrolwin.exe files (in the build and dist folders) works, errorring finding the httpGUI plugin. Furthermore, after stopping nmcontrol I cannot restart it cleanly without rebooting the machine.

The bigger remaining problem for me from a usability perspective is that nmcontrol is not reading any names from the blockchain. In the docs, it says,

Import data from file

To generate the data file, do the following in the application folder (export is not implemented yet in nmcontrol) :

mkdir data
/path/to/namecoind name_filter > data/namecoin.dat

Configure conf/plugin-data.conf

import.mode = all
import.from = file
import.file = data/namecoin.dat

I'm running namecoin-qt version 0.3.80, and I don't see a name_filter file. Do I need to configure name_filter somewhere/somehow in namecoin.conf?

I copied the whole blockchain to data/namecoin.dat. Nmcontrol does not return an error, but the httpGUI says there are no names.

Stumped for now...
Sorry, I missed your posts about NMControl as I did not look at this thread. Thanks for your feedback.

Please try this more up to date version: ... 632#p15632 Feedback is very much appreciated.

You do not need to import anything, NMControl will fetch the data it needs.

On Windows 8+ .bit configuration is automatic but with Windows 7 you have to set it up yourself as explained here: ... 636#p15636
nx.bit - some namecoin stats
nf.bit - shortcut to this forum

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