[BOUNTY 750 nmc] Namecoin WUI Wallet (c/w .bit browser) app.

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[BOUNTY 750 nmc] Namecoin WUI Wallet (c/w .bit browser) app.

Post by moa »

Further to discussions on irc #namecoin with tswift and zamgo I'm starting a bounty for this application.

250 - specification

500 - completed app.

750 Total

Further contributions will be added in same ratio, unless they come in after spec. is complete in which case they'll go 100% towards the code.


- web user interface (WUI) to connect with local namecoind instance (optionally with rpcpassword)
- perform namecoin keys and domain name wallet management securely
- look-up and browse available .bit domains from the blockchain
- open source, simple download, install, config for users

Also, looking for 3rd party eyes to vet the complete code before bounty awarded. (khal, doublec, gsan, vinced?)

Comments, suggestions and further pledges to the bounty all welcomed.

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Re: [BOUNTY 750 nmc] Namecoin WUI Wallet (c/w .bit browser)

Post by zamgo »

I started a wiki page for this:


please feel free to edit...

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