[ANN] Namecoin v0.3.74rc1 Windows Binary - please test

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[ANN] Namecoin v0.3.74rc1 Windows Binary - please test

Post by phelix »

This needs your help testing, especially all the fancy new (RPC) functions.

http://namecoin.info/files/Namecoin_v0. ... _setup.exe
sha256: cbb4629cf2669c6e6ff89b1822838481fd95edabb6941542ddb130df84e14e76

MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR DATA DIRECTORY BEFORE RUNNING! This version will make changes to blkindex.dat that are NOT backward compatible.
Of course you should always have encrypted up to date backups of your wallet.dat file!

Now with installer! :mrgreen:

Compiled with a heartbleed safe OpenSSL library.

Special thanks goes out to Domob!

* allow for atomic name transactions via rpc commands (Domob)
* new rpc commands: name_pending, getchains (Domob)
* Simplified blkindex.dat for smaller file size and faster startup - not backward compatible ("remove auxpow", Domob) - IT WILL TAKE A WHILE FOR THE REWRITE ON THE FIRST START
* Implement name_update in createrawtransaction (Domob)
* More detailed JSON outputs for decoderawtransaction and getrawtransaction (Domob)
* Async RPC calls (Domob: ported from Huntercoin)
* Add toaddress argument to name_firstupdate (Domob)
* fixed memory leaks (Domob)
* listsinceblock (Olgasanko)
* Several performance optimizations (Domob)
* valgrind script (Domob)
* Small updates and fixes, code cleanup

v0.3.73-rc1 (never officially released)
* Modified testnet difficulty calculation (Khal)
* GUI: ID-tab (Domob)
* improve name_filter speed (Khal)
* Small updates and fixes
nx.bit - some namecoin stats
nf.bit - shortcut to this forum

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