Module Request: Keep a Namespace in Sync

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Re: Module Request: Keep a Namespace in Sync

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We aren't speaking about some grandiose synchronization framework, here. This is the whole thing: ... sync.patch

I can't imagine adding UTXO support would facilitate much or any code reuse. So it seems like a wholly separate concern, really. I can't see how one could add non-Namecoin-specific code to Bitcoin Core to enable the above patch to be shortened.

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Re: Module Request: Keep a Namespace in Sync

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cassini wrote:
phelix wrote:BTW getting name_scan right seems quite difficult to me
The issue I had encountered with using name_scan was a timeout problem. As soon as I had requested more than 250000 entries I got a timeout error (I haven't tried with the latest 0.12 Namecoin Core, though). The solution is to make use of the "start" and "count" parameters of name_scan. (I chose "count 10000" as this is quite convenient for debugging.)
Could you increase timeout parameter (rpcclienttimeout, looking at bitcoin-cli)?
Is that with the DB on SSD or HDD? If it's not on SSD, I can give it a try on my SSD if you want.

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