Nomen - Namecoin Web Frontend in Go

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Nomen - Namecoin Web Frontend in Go

Post by kefkius »

Hey Namecoin forum. I recently made a golang package for Namecoin RPC commands (nmcjson). I'm using it to make a frontend for namecoind. There's a screenshot here. The source isn't uploaded anywhere yet; I plan to do that when it's not so messy.

Anyway, I just figured I should post on the official forum about it.

Whoops, neglected this. What I have so far is here:
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Re: Nomen - Namecoin Web Frontend in Go

Post by domob »

I haven't looked at it yet, but this looks great! Actually we've been talking about the need for a new UI (RPC-based or based on Armory) for some time. The more options we have, the better!
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