Recover namecoin.bit + deal with cyber-squatters

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Re: Recover namecoin.bit + deal with cyber-squatters

Post by joesmoe »

biolizard89 wrote:
virtual_master wrote:We could use eventually additionally to the dynamic fee system a length based domain expiration.
domain length 10-19 normal expiration
domain length 0 - 9 expiration in half time
domain length 20- .. double expiration time

Shorter domain names would have a higher recycling rate. :D
Intentionally designing a "secure" DNS system so that domains will expire without expected warning time seems pretty unethical to me. I think applying name fees to renew operations is a far better method of handling this.
I agree. This could be used for malicious intentions as well.

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Re: Recover namecoin.bit + deal with cyber-squatters

Post by virtual_master »

It is necessary to have a reasonable price for .bit domains in some form especially for the more valorous ones and the shorter ones.
I can understand that those who have thousands of d/ namespace entries are not interested in that but they should think again.
Because it is not so difficult for somebody to reserve the 1000 best entries in a new namespace and to make a modification of an existing resolver to resolve the new namespace entries to .bit domains. And from that point only the marketing will decide which version will gain popularity and in that case the d/ namespace owners could remain without use case for their reserved entries.
As more balanced the prices are as less likely to happen this.
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Re: Recover namecoin.bit + deal with cyber-squatters

Post by tosh0 »

this problem all started with the fees,
a clear fee plan should be made,
i propose new names, and renew names 0.01 nmc,
with this value halving every 4 years. (every halving)
Coin tx 0.0001 and also halving every 4 years.

Now with this fee plan in place, people should be able to
pay in advance for as many years as they want.

Say i have 2 domains and 2 names: cost of register for 50 years:
it will be the first 4 years=4*0.01*4=0.16
the next 4 years 0.08
etc etc. =0.33 nmc aprox

say i have 4000 domains: 330 nmc=expensive.

Also made the domains renew yearly, because people get confused.
so not make domains expire sooner, in any case make short domains more expensive to register,2x,4x the price.
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