Does NMControl support AAAA .bit queries ?

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Does NMControl support AAAA .bit queries ?

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I just tested NMControl on my MacbookPro, and was able to visit nx.bit website. But that's IPv4.

What if I set my .bit domain with IPv6 address as per NMC specifications, will that resolve that IPv6 with AAAA queries towards .bit domain?

Example: dig AAAA mydomain.bit


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Re: Does NMControl support AAAA .bit queries ?

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It seems there is a bug in NMControl as AAAA queries always lead to empty results. It does contain some code in and that looks for the "AAAA" type, though. This bug must have been around for quite some time, see

Calum McAlinden's Namecoin To Zonefile correctly answers ip6-related requests. Choose one of the OpenNIC servers for experiments, e.g.

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nslookup AAAA bithunt.bit
Be aware that this method is not anonymous. All the queries eventually make it to OpenNICs only .bit resolving server which is run by Calum himself.

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