namecoin build-unix.txt question

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namecoin build-unix.txt question

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In namecoin build-unix.txt:
Berkeley DB
You need Berkeley DB 4.7. Don't use 4.8, the database/log0000* files
are incompatible. If you have to build Berkeley DB yourself:
../dist/configure --enable-cxx
I compiled namecoin (headless) with libdb5.1-dev 21 days ago on Debian Wheezy and it's working fairly well but i didn't test all the options, only basic features such as name_new and name_firstupdate

Bitcoin git says "Ubuntu 12.04 and later have packages for libdb5.1-dev and libdb5.1++-dev, but using these will break binary wallet compatibility, and is not recommended."

What are the problems to expect with libdb5.1-dev instead of libdb4.7-dev with namecoind?

Thank you.


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Re: namecoin build-unix.txt question

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I'm also running on libdb5.1 and have no pb.

I would say that if you already have a blockchain from libdb 4.7, you'll need to redownload it if you change from libdb4.7 to libdb4.8 (or hight, I guess).
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