questions about guiminer and bitcoins

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questions about guiminer and bitcoins

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hi i recently set up guiminer in solo mode. on the bottom it says difficulty 1 and 11 hashes. now my questions are what does it mean by 11 hashes? how long will it take me to get bitcoins? and how will i know if i have them and how are they transferred to my bitcoin wallet? sorry im a noob any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Re: questions about guiminer and bitcoins

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Are you sure you see N "hashes" not khashes or even MHashes? This seem to be very slow. If you are mining Bitcoin you can calculate your estimated time to generate a bitcoin block here:

However in most cases it's better to mine on a pool:

Furthermore you are on the namecoin forum. While namecoin is nearly the same like bitcoin it's not exactly the same. Perhaps you might want to have a look at the bicoin forum:
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