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Backup & Restore

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:32 pm
by Trader
I backuped the database including the wallet.dat of my Namecoin wallet and installed a new operating system. After the installation I installed the Namecoine Core again and copied back the whole Namecoin folder to ..\AppData\Roaming. So far so good. Then I updated several .bit domain names during further configurations of the operating system. The name updates were confirmed completely when I decided to reinstall the operating system again. But this time I forgot to backup the so actualized wallet. I took (after the second installation) the meanwhile one day old backup and only a few transactions I have done recently were recognized and added from the blockchain. But a couple of domain names are appearing with the previous remaining blocks before I updated them - despite the fact, that they appear on the blockchain explorer with the full remaining blocks after the name update. Also my balance is now zero. To resolve that I started the namecoin-qt.exe with all possible parameters such as -upgradewallet, -rescan, -reindex, -checkblocks=0 and -reindex-chainstate. But this doesn't work. So my question: Did I get it correct, that for each transaction there is generated a new Namecoin address with my new balance, associated with my wallet? I further conclude, that a Namecoin wallet is not defined by just one address, but by as much addresses, as I made transactions? How is it possible to get the wallet synchronized again with the blockchain where every transaction can be traced? Do I have to reinstall, import the wallet.dat and redownload the whole blockchain? Or are the domains and my balance lost? Thx for any advise!

Re: Backup & Restore

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:04 pm
by Trader
As this forum seems more or less to be dead, I posted the issue at Also I posted there the solution I found according to this advise with the following commands on the CMD Console:

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cd C:\Program Files\Namecoin
namecoin-qt.exe -salvagewallet
and after the completion of the complete indexing:

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namecoin-qt.exe -rescan
What I had to do further is, confirming around three previously already confirmed domain name updates, therefor was nothing charged. Also the previous balance appeared again. So seems so, that only this combination of parameters leads to success. Even the parameter -txindex doesn't work for itself alone. I hope, this advises will help other users.