A strange issue with registering domians

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A strange issue with registering domians

Post by Pif01010 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 9:11 am

Hi I am having a new issue with one of my wallets and registering some domains.
I have registered plenty of domains in the past, so this is a bit of a new thing for me, more recently I noticed that it is more frequently asking me to confirm updates. Like I don't think I had to do that at all before and then I had done it nearly a thousand times for these domains. It showed up in my wallet without the blocks or the name update with the name in the transactions in my wallet. I have waited well over 1800 some confirmations and it still hasn't registered.

As I said it showed up in my wallet previously and it was days that I had been waiting. Then one day it appeared that my wallet stopped running for some reason and now the names aren't in there at all. Also perhaps I might just like to add, that I am seeing some duplicate domains show up in my wallet on occasion, and not like what with a capital letter but literally verbatim. I think it has something to do with continuously being prompted to unlock for updates. Now I am noticing that after I register a domain it continues to prompt me to unlock for updates, with so far no end in sight.


I started registering new names (New meaning: since the domains went missing) and got the first update followed by the name much sooner, like on the first day. I tried looking up the transaction ID numbers in name.in but I couldn't make sense of it. Plus when I went to look up those domains it said they were registered in 2017, which doesn't makes sense. Unless there is some sort of glitch allowing duplicate domains to be registered from time to time, which perhaps isn't too far fetched as I have had duplicates seem to show up in my wallet before.

Okay so I thought I would just double check and there is 3 domains that are registered with blocks and 3 that aren't, as well as 2 that look as though they are in my wallet with blocks even though I transferred them to another wallet. Which I guess that may or may not be a big deal but 1 of the 3 domains without blocks keep prompting me to unlock for an update still, and I have so far just been canceling to no end, but if I were to accept could it be possible to have duplicates with blocks? If so perhaps someones duplicates expired and my wallet attempted to register some sort of "ghost" domain for lack of a better word?

It seems it is all recorded on a certain block. I'm not sure how much info on that I should give on the forum but is there away to retrieve these domains with the trans action Id numbers? Or like what would you say is going on in this case? These were some domains that I really wanted so hopefully we can figure something out.

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