Solo Mining

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Solo Mining

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I have been solo mining namecoin with gui miner and namecoin gui. Gui miner shows that a block is found. When I go to debug log for namecoin I see this below.

10/20/11 11:28 generated 50.0005
keypool keep 6
AddToWallet 4699dc4365 new
SetBestChain: new best=0000000000003682abf7 height=23046 work=2267520288255715292
ProcessBlock: ACCEPTED

Then when I run namecoind in dos and listtransaction command I get

C:\Users\SAMTHEO\Desktop\NamecoindGUI08beta>namecoind listtransactions

"account" : "",
"category" : "immature",
"amount" : 50.00050000,
"confirmations" : 6,
"txid" : "4699dc43656d13312446cd230e61412c1df833352363f39ca580b993e0fd74
Thanks for the help.

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