[.3% Stale 0%Fee] http://hashrate.tk Triple Coin Mining Pool

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[.3% Stale 0%Fee] http://hashrate.tk Triple Coin Mining Pool

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Triple Coin P2P-Currency Mining Pool. .3% Stale Rate! and since we are a new pool we have decided to go with 0% for now.


  • -Mine BitCoin, SolidCoin and NameCoin.
    -The pool operates on 5 dedicated servers. One server for each currency and a server each for the frontend and database.
    -Scala/Lift Web Interface.
    -Proportional payout, with PPS coming soon.
    -Comet style stat updating. (There is no need to refresh. Stats are pushed out live every minute).
    -Multiple worker support. (We're soon introducing teams).
    -Hourly backups.
    -Long Poll support as well as patched server daemons for all three currencies. The patches help stale rates and improve block detection.
    -On some mining clients we feature block announce. This will show the current block number being mined as the Long Poll request comes in.
Payouts are confirmed and working 100%. The pool is functioning and is self reliant. However if you encounter any issues, please let us know so we can make the pool better for everyone!

If you'd like to hang out and say hi, we can be found on irc.freenode.org #hashrate.tk. We welcome any suggestions and feedback.
Operator of http://hashrate.tk Triple Coin P2P-Currency Mining Pool. LP+Low Stale Patches. Block Announce. Scala/Lift Web Interface. irc.freenode.org #hashrate.tk

Pool donations:

BTC: 13CDtFgYtwMrvk97iyFy8Ja1iZCAi2yyFR
SLC: sLm8Va7LY3FpdcBy9rcJMCEqDJ5xkRpEUp
NMC: N62a8GDkFYTnC5QAi7Viwdi2QGcq

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