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0.3.0.FINAL Released

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- partial implementation of worker cache preloading. This is not active yet.
- fix: stop checking if continuation state is initial. It can be if a previous Jetty filter has suspended/resumed the request. In that case it immediately sends and empty LP response. This might be the cause of a bug where cgminer immediately sends another LP. This turns into a spam loop. This only seems to be triggered under heavy load and only seems to happen with cgminer clients connected.
- added commented out condition to stop manual block checks if native LP enabled and verification off.
- remove warning for native LP when a manual block check is fired. We want this occur in most circumstances.
- extra trace targets for longpoll empty and expired responses.
- fix: handle clients sending longpoll without trailing slash. This can result in the LP request being routed through the main handler and returning immediately setting up request spamming loop. This patch checks for the LP url from the main handler and redirects to the LP handler if it's found.
- add threadDump method to mgmt interface
- add timeout to notify-lp-clients-executor thread in case dispatch threads do not report back correctly and counters aren't updated. Solved a problem where counter mismatch can prevent the thread from ever finishing thus hogging the executor and preventing future long poll cycles.
- add shutdown check to lp dispatch timeout

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