Mh/s rapidly falls down

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Mh/s rapidly falls down

Post by nc-or-btc... »

Always I start the mining service the Mh/s-rate rapidly falls down. At the moment I use a hd5770 on a windows system (it´s a test). In the next few days starts the real one.

I overclocked the gpu but I didn´t underclocked the mem-clock (it´s not my pc):
mem-clock 1200MHz
The card runs at 85°C

It starts with ~210Mh/s on 40°C
falls down to ~130Mh/s on 85°C

1.Wich temprature can take this cards?
2.Wich overclock-config will be the best for this cards in regarding of a constantly high Mh/s-rate (without destroing this card)?
3.Wich OS will be the best for 3 of this cards?(If there is no huge different I would love to stay on windows)
4.Wich minersoftware will be the best for 3 of this cards?
5.I was trying some orders like -f60 -w128 -a10 -v: Wich orders will be the best for 3 of this cards?
Summorized: How to get the highest "low" or average-rate with one of this cards in a tripple-connection?

For an advanced advice I would very appreciative.

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Re: Mh/s rapidly falls down

Post by drknark »

Windows is fine. My experience is that phoenix with the phatk kernel generally gives you the best and most stable performance. I base this on long-term tests and looking at the estimated hashrate on the pool.

I don't know about the falling hashrate. I have a similar problem with my 6970 though, as soon as I OC it starts flipping the clock up and down leading to worse performance than at stock. Check the gpu clock graph in MSI Afterburner.

For phoenix, something like this would probably work well: VECTORS BFI_INT FASTLOOP=false AGGRESSION=12 -k phatk WORKSIZE=256

If you need to use the computer while mining, reduce aggression to 7 and set fastloop to true.

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Re: Mh/s rapidly falls down

Post by grue »

your memory speed should be lower.

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