Which is more profitable, bitcoin or namecoin?

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Re: Which is more profitable, bitcoin or namecoin?

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But pre-order price of 0.01 is fixed?
And if domain cost leads to zero total domain price leads to 0.01?

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Re: Which is more profitable, bitcoin or namecoin?

Post by khal »

I thought the minimum price for name_firstupdate was 0.01NC due to a bad comment in the code.

Yes, name_new cost is currently fixed to 0.01 (they are sent to yourself and blocked until expiration), but can be changed later.
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Re: Which is more profitable, bitcoin or namecoin?

Post by smoothie »

mogadanez wrote:in long term i think is absolutely unpredictable.

from one side after 50000 blocks domain cost will be 0.01, based on current conversion rate it's close to zero in USD.
I think that it's unbelievable domain price. It's allow register thousands of domains with minimal expenses

From other side - 50000 blocks means 2,5 millinons of NMC, let even 1 million of them will be destroyed before it( i'm optimist ;) ). 1.5 mil NMC allows to register 150 millions of domains. For comparison .com have only 95 active domains now. So Market will have too many namecoins and i'm not sure that will be allow to support high exchange rate.

Personaly i bet on increase price after 25000 - 28000 blocks found.
Unfortunatelly, as we see, most miners goes there where profit more in short term. and namecoin mining drop down after last complexety increase.
As difficulty increases the cost to mine 0.01 NMC will be close to what it is today to mine 1 NMC. So not necessarily will it cost close to $0 if 1 NMC is equal to $50.

Now if the difficulty stays constant or consistently decrease (which I doubt) then and only then would the cost go to zero.

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