Namecoin Commercial Strategy Blueprint

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Namecoin Commercial Strategy Blueprint

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I'm writing to Namecoin developers to give a few ideas and ask a question.

Firstly from a branding point of view, the Namecoin hasn't chanced since 2013.

One of the main challenges for people getting to know Namecoin is the problem that people will think : What if you can't censor a child phonography or terrorism or website with films of violence etc. This is why it is positive to be associated with ICAAN.
On the other hand if Namecoin is presented as a freedom keeper because of its non-censored domain, this could help overturn current dictatorships where Internet and information is the worst enemy of these regimes.‎ This means that the. Bit domain could help overturn dictatorships like the one that is evolving in Turkey whereby Wikipedia and other sites are being censored. So you could have a website that attacks censorship of freedom and gives information on how the people can rally together against the dictators.

Secondly, the branding of Namecoin hasn't changed since 2013:

This is how I see it, the coin should be SILVER NOT BLUE and should be presented as the silver to Bitcoin's gold, now I know you've all read that before, this is because Litecoin doesn't have a future as an expensive coin, this is because IF it is officially accepted as payment, it could only ever be seen as £10/$10/€10 and will have equivalents in Asia, Africa and South America. It doesn't have the presence of a truly global currency like Bitcoin. It just doesn't. Namecoin on the other hand does have a global presence and a global meaning and just as real silver can be used for something as mundane as cutlery as well as payment, Namecoin can be used as a domain as well as payment.

Also, Namecoin should have those photos all over the Internet like Bitcoin has of physical coins (that look a bit like casino chips) You know what I'm talking about. This is because these images give instant integrity and attract speculative investors in their millions.

Now I know it's not all about making money, but as one of those opportunists who spent $500 on NMC in 2013 and went up to $7000 (didn't have the patience to wait for the 14$ peak lool) in December 2013 but didn't pull out because I refused to believe in the disinvestment and influence/importance of China at the time; so am just left with 396NMC four years later.
Now obviously, I'm just here trying to get you people to work it out so I can get some extra money to top up my state welfare that I have been receiving since the beginning of the year because I'm a jobless punk but I genuinely believe that there is a better path and that you lot could do with the extra funds otherwise you wouldn't be asking for donations.

So I just think about redesigning that special N and giving it those extra lines that only money signs have and giving it that extra imaginary dimension (photos) so important for speculative investors and making the coin appealing again.

I would do all this myself without your consent but I'm not a graphic designer/ photographer/ artist/coin moulder/ or talented photoshopper. I just smoke a lot of cigarettes/weed and chat a lot of shit. But I believe in people and xhat they can do. And if you lot want it, you lot deserve it and you lot can have it.

[The only thing I never understood about all this crypto crap is how it takes so long to make transactions and why on earth, people and businesses would adopt it given that we already have instant transactions but hey, Bitcoin's flying like the concord at the minute so whatever.

My question:

No longer have my Namecoin wallet nor the computer it was on.
But I have a wallet.dat file on a USB and remember my password by heart because it's the name of the car I was supposed to buy with my winnings.

What do I do, to just have a wallet so I can see my coins and can do transfers?
Please help me, please don't tell me it's all lost! Thank you so much for reading my ideas. Peace

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Re: Prosperity through Namecoin

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You posted this in 3 different subforums. Please pick one that you want to stay so that I can nuke the rest. Also, mixing technical support inquiries with marketing ideas is unlikely to get responses from people; please stick to one subject per thread.


EDIT: I've deleted the duplicates. Let me know if you want this thread moved somewhere else.
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Re: Namecoin Commercial Strategy Blueprint

Post by johnc »

my thoughts:

marketing: nmc should be a grassroots coin, give it to your friends etc. not a pump & dump. I get what you say but most people just won't understand a word. Just tell them it's not a company like ethereum and ripple. Specially talk to your it friends. i always say, hey btc is too expensive, get some NMC just in case for your domains.

BTW, i like the color, and i want to remind you that NMC slogan was "Bitcoins platinum". (silver is Litcoin)

It's true that the very own name "Namecoin" isn't very well suited for marketing, but it has work so far as a cover, we are bitcoins underdog.

Your wallet: Yeah a .dat is all you need. Every installation of Namecoin core creates a empty wallet.dat. just replace it with your old wallet.dat Make sure to shut down the program first...

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