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Re: Namecoin ATM

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If you are interested in Namecoin being accepted by these ATM's, then by all means contact the manufacturers and ask for it.

None of the core development team is *against* this idea, we just aren't willing to expend what minute resources we have pushing it.

If you want to donate money or development resources, however, there are plenty of other projects that are of higher importance.
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Re: Namecoin ATM

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ShapeShift supports transfers into and out of NMC now so I suspect this is a non-issue.

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Re: Namecoin ATM

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haiqu wrote:ShapeShift supports transfers into and out of NMC now so I suspect this is a non-issue.
Yep. With the ShapeShift API, you can set up a BTC address that redirects to your NMC address. I don't know how exactly the Bitcoin ATM's work, but I assume ShapeShift effectively solves the issue here. That said, if the ATM software integrated with the ShapeShift API, that would improve the UX a bit, and also make it more obvious to the users that they can use it for NMC, since not everyone has heard of ShapeShift.
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