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Re: Extended identity fields

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crosser wrote: Trying to cram more data into the blockchain (via separate transactions in separate namespeces or otherwise) is less scalable than "outsourcing" the data and only keeping the addresses and MACs in the blockchain.

Of course if there is not much data to outsource, it's better to just keep it in the blockchain. And here's the point: keep the data in the blockchain until you start running out of space. Once you do, it means that it's time to "outsource".
This is also a valid concern and we already have some discussion threads how to outsource excessive data. We should keep in mind not to loose the decentralized and censorship-resistant structure of the network. Some DHT structures was already discussed. Something like bitcloud, retroshare, peersm, anomos or jstor could be used for example.
What we really need in the id/ are the application-connectivity and crypto-identity fields. All other can be chained in the blockchain or outsourced(ideally in a decentralized and censorship-resistant way).
You could look this thread also:
and tell us if you find any new idea in this connection or which one would you find more suited for it.
Eventually you could propose in that thread a concrete model how should interact such an outsourced storage structure with the Namecoin blockchain.
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