OT: Ifrrf Foundation with Genuine helpers

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OT: Ifrrf Foundation with Genuine helpers

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The International Fallen Riders Relief Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded by Gary Baillio, president, and Art Williams, whose lifelong passion for motorcycle riding and longtime relationship with Larry McBride led them to establish the organization. Larry McBride is elder statesman of the Top Fuel Motorcycle drag racing community and has been racing supercharged, nitro-burning motorcycles for 30 years. The IFRRF exists to financially support motorcycle riders and their families after a serious injury or fatal crash. During these times, insurance may not be available or may not provide adequate coverage. The Fund provides emotional, physical and financial support to help them through their post-accident challenges. Initially, IFRRF will concentrate on stricken professional riders and their families. Ultimately, the organization plans to expand its potential recipients to include all riders, professional and recreational.
The IFRRF's unsalaried Board of Directors will make award decisions based on rigorous, case-by-case analyses, driven by the severity of a crash and financial situation of individuals and/or their families.

The Fund is committed to total transparency in collecting and disseminating funds. A running total of donations and disbursements will be available in real time on the IFRRF website and by request.

Fallen Riders Memorial Fund, ifrrf.org
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