Warning: OpenSSL Consensus Bug

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Re: Warning: OpenSSL Consensus Bug

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biolizard89 wrote:
josephbisch wrote:
biolizard89 wrote: I'm not sure what you mean by "links above are 'quoted'", can you rephrase?
Maybe somename is asking where the binaries we posted came from (i.e. who built them), not realizing that (in the case of the Linux binaries) because of the reproducible builds, who actually provided the binary is not significant. And I guess it isn't apparent that Phelix built the Windows version just because he was the one that made the forum post about it.
Ah, ok. For the record, the Linux binary was reproduced by Joseph, Luke-Jr, and midnightmagic. Phelix built the Windows version using EasyWinBuilder (it was not built reproducibly). I would not recommend using the EasyWinBuilder binary for anything critical (we'll try to get Gitian Windows and OSX builds out sometime). The Linux binary is safe to use, and is being used by a significant number of miners.
Right, phelix "quoted" phelix, but that quote doesn't appear in the thread, so the insert with links appeared basically out of nowhere
Later I did find where it came from (from another post by phelix, elsewhere), but at the time I was wondering about the source of those links.

Additionally (for Windows users) my stupid AV s/w automatically deletes the Windows build because it "hasn't seen it" before, but I didn't suspect that it's infected - just something I noticed.

It'd be nice to have the binaries linked from some "official" location such as the Web site or Github as soon as convenient.

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Re: Warning: OpenSSL Consensus Bug

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Can we make this non-sticky? We still need to be transparent about the old client being in SPV mode until we finally clean things up...
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