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Re: NamecoinFiles.org

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Please switch to http://datacoin.info. It is made specifically for this purpose.
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Re: NamecoinFiles.org

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Nf/ wrote:
unnecessary and bloats the blockchain.
Only if there existed some other free mechanism to permanently upload data onto something as robust as Namecoin.
Uhh, basically any other storage service. Freenet was specifically made for this purpose but a Tor hidden service or the Tahoe-LAFS I2P instance would be much better at this. Content will age off the Freenet network but Namecoin has renewal fees and pruning on its roadmap meaning that you will have to pay every year to keep the data on the blockchain.
Nf/ wrote:
"you want to make a few bucks overcharging the people to upload data to namecoin"
I'm simply going to say this is not a way to make a few bucks overcharging people, not to mention anyone that "pays" has the ability to audit the transactions. People will ultimately be able to upload themselves with a future release.
This is a ridiculously expensive way to store data.
Nf/ wrote:
"logical extreme: what if someone uses your service to upload child porn?" - "do you want to take on the legal liability of helping to upload and distribute illicit content"

-----NMCf does what it can to filter illegal content, not necessarily controversial content
-----NMCf adopts the same policy as other sites to do what it can to prevent illegal activity, but is ultimately not responsible
The entire selling point of your business model is that the data cannot be forcibly removed narrowing you customers to ones who want to upload data that others would try to forcibly remove; i.e. illicit content.

Now you are saying you will do your best to filter illicit content which negates the entire premise of this enterprise.
Nf/ wrote: Nobody ultimately has centralized control over people using NMC to break the law. Some of you might think it is good enough to post things, and speak badly about people ever misusing NMC, but as others start to actively misuse NMC, who is going to do what about it?
Well, the miners are the ones who ultimately decide what goes in the blockchain and there are ways of restricting content. For competitive reasons I'm not going to tell you exactly how we plan on handling this but trust me when I say that no-one wants a block-chain fully of kiddie porn.
Nf/ wrote: In case anyone forgot, the word decentralization is right on the front of the Namecoin website. Don't preach it then complain someone isn't using NMC the way you want them to.
I'm not sure if you noticed but it's called Namecoin, not Datacoin; Namecoin's value lies in it's utility as a naming system. Any activity which threatens our ability to perform well as a naming system can expect a hostile response.
DNS is much more than a key->value datastore.

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