"Home Of Crypto" Launching Soon

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Hello world

Our team at Techemy Ltd is close to launching
Due to the pace of things in this industry we have not even put a page up yet describing what's coming.
It's all been very hush hush.

I would like to explain more about the features it offers.

What is
"Homepage of Crypto"

It is an extensive platform that grabs ALL data from ALL exchanges and tables it to allow for:

1) Accurate Market Capitalization info (as an average across all exchanges or your choice of exchange filtering)
Viewed in ANY Fiat currency (not just USD/Euro).

2) Conversion bar - Like but with many crypto currencies - data sourced from our own extensive tables not or existing similar services. We have re-written the philosophy of gathering and presenting quality crypto related data.

3) (my favorite!) - Accurate Portfolio info - Yes, Finally an extensive net-worth calculator.
- So if you have QRK on Coins-e or LTC on Btc-e and BTC on your hard-drive - Log in to (free) and see your complete net-worth including how many of which currency you have, what price you paid for it, what it's worth now (as an average from our extensive tables or specifically per your choice of exchange) + again view in ANY fiat currency of your choosing.

4) Aggregated news feed
This is a monster of a project and we are extremely proud of overcoming some rather major complexities and getting close to Launch.

Any questions please feel free to drop a line.

For general Interest, please put down your email address and we will add you to our newsletter.

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Re: "Home Of Crypto" Launching Soon

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Heres my take on this idea ? please dont take this the wrong way :D

Why would you upload your wealth information ? just to keep track of how much you made and how many of what you have?

You dont go telling everyone you meet what your bank balance is unless you have nothing .. and are pleading poverty

Negative Nancy here !

Any how good idea :twisted:

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