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Re: Improving the Wiki

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phelix wrote:
I updated the wiki main page yesterday with the important points from your rewrite in headwords. Please let me know if there is anything else you think should go on the main page. I did not touch the "more..." page.

Also the main wiki page is now protected from editing.
Which wiki, the Github one? Please change the main page of the main wiki to point to the new one.
phelix wrote:
mationn wrote:Hi, I'm working on a dummies guide to namecoin, it's not done and it's only a firstdraft. ... sp=sharing

Feel free to contact me on bitmessage or the irc [id/mationn]
I would like to keep all information in as little places as possible as it turns out it rots quickly and is hard to keep up to date.... so why not work on the wiki instead?
Indeed, users also do not read conceptual pieces / tutorials, it is best to break things down into procedural, step-by-step instructions and put them on the wiki : )
phelix wrote:
indolering wrote:Hey, let's not worry about draft rewrites: Be Bold! Just write it and if it needs work we will work it out!
Agreed for new stuff, not so sure about rewrites of existing sites.
Much of it is incorrect or out of date, from the install pages (which still links to outdated, pre-hard fork binaries) to the entry on merged mining (which is still a Q/A-style proposal). The user-facing infrastructure is a crisis which no-one seems to care about, and it has been that way for a long, long time : (
DNS is much more than a key->value datastore.

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