Testnet hardfork on March 15 2014 - release candidate 1

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Testnet hardfork on March 15 2014 - release candidate 1

Post by khal »

To allow a better use of the test network, namecoin has been added support for difficulty retarget after 20mn.
Here is the message from the bitcoin commit when this feature has been added :
https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/commit/c52296a73e5222628bf6a03eaf727622594bf464 wrote: Allow mining of min-difficulty blocks if 20 minutes have gone by without mining a regular-difficulty block.
Normal rules apply every 2016 blocks, though, so there may be a very-slow-to-confirm block at the difficulty-adjustment blocks.
Too new tags have been added in the repository :
- vQ.3.73-rc1
- nc0.3.52.00-rc1

After several days of tests, official binaries will be built.
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