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Git repository for namecoin has been updated

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2014 2:42 pm
by khal
Github team account :
Namecoin respository has been upgraded to a team account and now manage important projects for namecoin.
You can find the repositories here :

Namecoin repository :
The official namecoin respository is now hosted there :

It contains 2 branches :
- namecoinq : the default one, it includes namecoind, namecoin-qt, with encryption and additional rpc calls
- master : legacy namecoind, will be mainly maintained with security fixes

Other repositories :
- nmcontrol : a layer above namecoind that support offline requests, advanced queries, a dns server with .bit, etc
- NamecoinToBind : a tools to add .bit support on your bind DNS server
- Convergence : a firefox plugin to browse .bit domains, with support of self-signed certificates validated by namecoin
- : the official website (a work has started to do a new one)

New repository :
- nameid : an openID provider using namecoin + a firefox plugin to login on websites