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Incoming NLnet Claim: TLS Tor Browser

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 2:43 pm
by biolizard89
Hi everyone,

We're about to claim another NLnet milestone. In the interest of public accountability, here's the milestone we're claiming. If anyone believes that any component hasn't been properly implemented, please let us know in this thread within the next week. We'll look into any such disagreements prior to filing the claim with NLnet.
  • Enable validation of TLS certificates using Namecoin in Tor Browser on Windows and GNU/Linux OS's.
    • Enable self-signed Namecoin certificates that match the blockchain to be used.
    • Make CA-issued certificates that do not match the blockchain be rejected.
    • Make self-signed Namecoin certificates that used to match the blockchain but no longer match be rejected.
Instructions for using this functionality (in GNU/Linux and Windows) are at: ... gnu-linux/ ... r/windows/

Instructions for using this functionality in macOS are also available at ... ser/macos/ , and we welcome test reports for macOS as well, but please note that macOS support is not part of the NLnet criteria.