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Incoming NLnet Claims: DNS Tor Browser / Bundle SPV and ncdns

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 5:57 pm
by biolizard89
Hi everyone,

We're about to claim 2 NLnet milestones. In the interest of public accountability, here are the milestones we're claiming. If anyone believes that any component of these hasn't been properly implemented, please let us know in this thread within the next week. We'll look into any such disagreements prior to filing the claims with NLnet.
  • DNS Tor Browser
    • Enable Namecoin DNS lookups in Tor Browser.
    • Intercept DNS requests made by Tor Browser (which would usually be passed to Tor for resolution).
    • Check whether the requests are to a Namecoin website.
    • If they are, resolve the Namecoin domain before the request is processed by Tor.
    • Support A, AAAA, and CNAME/DNAME DNS records.
    • Docs:
  • Bundle SPV and ncdns
    • Bundle installer for Windows with everything needed to browse Namecoin websites with Chrome on Windows. Uses an SPV name lookup client.
    • Install BitcoinJ name lookup client.
    • Install Dnssec-Trigger.
    • Install ncdns.
    • Set up ncdns to retrieve data from name lookup client.
    • Set up Dnssec-Trigger to retrieve data from ncdns.
    • Docs:
      • At the "Namecoin Node" prompt, choose "Install and use the BitcoinJ SPV client"