Bounty Suggestion: ncdns Windows NSIS installer

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Bounty Suggestion: ncdns Windows NSIS installer

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I'd really like to work on an NSIS Windows installer for ncdns.


ncdns is highly standards-compliant and is pretty much a prerequisite for TLS support in current browsers. Unfortunately it's difficult to install, especially when installing TLS support. An NSIS installer would help here.

Suggested requirements:
  1. Modify Unbound configuration to use ncdns (without requiring a restart of Windows after installation).
  2. Install ncdns as a Windows service (with minimal privileges).
  3. Allow the user to choose to optionally install TLS support for at least one major browser (with minimal privileges). (This means that this bounty is dependent on the TLS bounty.)
  4. If manual user configuration of the browser is needed (e.g. setting up an HPKP pin in a browser that doesn't provide an automated API for this), the installer must prompt the user to do so, provide instructions, and require the user to confirm in the installer that this has been performed.
  5. Must not produce distracting modifications to user login screen (e.g. adding a user to the screen).
  6. Must work on at least one release of Windows between 7 and 10 (inclusive), either 32-bit or 64-bit.
Suggested non-requirements (because they can be done later -- they're all believed to be relatively straightforward):
  1. Doesn't need to install Namecoin Core.
  2. Doesn't need to install Unbound or dnssec-trigger.
  3. Doesn't need to set up DNSSEC support.
  4. Doesn't need to build reproducibly.
Suggested bounty: 1.0 BTC. If this uses fewer development resources than anticipated (entirely possible), I'll look at implementing some of the non-requirements.

Is this something NMDF would be interested in sponsoring? Maybe we could try to do a fundraiser for this, where NMDF would match raised funds 1:1?

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