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Reward for video

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:00 pm
by indolering
I asked Swedespade to update his we-use-namecoin video to use the correct logo a little while back and he responded with the following,
Aside from the 10NMC bounty i received for my 4+ weeks and resources put into the video I made, I have seen nothing from this community aside from some very generous donations from sudo for my efforts. I offered my services and the community was silent. So don't blame me for seeking more inclusive communities.

I actually have a 2nd video on deck with reasons for why you should get a .bit. It is about 90% ready but I lack freetime/motivation to make the final push to finish it. If i were a richer man I would have the free time to volunteer. But as of this moment in time I cant afford to put the time in, really. Maybe a few months down the road

I am not blaming you are anything. I just had higher expectation coming in i guess.
1 BTC would make me pretty happy and I would continue my efforts with a smile (make whatever changes to the first video and provide you with a 2nd, pretty cool video (i have 6 videos 'planned'). But I dont expect you to rtoll out the red carpet for me.
In my followup I tried to explain how over worked and under funded we are, he took pity and updated the video to remove Sudo's logo. I told him I would at least ask, I think his videos are great and that they should be front and center on the website.

If anyone thinks a larger award is appropriate or would match funds, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks.

Re: Reward for video

Posted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:46 am
by biolizard89
I just want to say that I agree 100%, and if I had funds available for PR materials I would absolutely donate to projects such as this one. Unfortunately I don't have any funds for this (the FSM funds are earmarked for development). Maybe one day we'll actually have sufficient funding that we're all not working for free...