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Namecoin Project is on BountySource!

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:51 pm
by biolizard89
The Namecoin Project is now on BountySource. For those who don't know, BountySource is a service which allows bounties to be placed on open-source project issues; escrow is supported to prevent fraud risk, and both deposits and withdrawals can be made in either USD or BTC. BountySource integrates with GitHub, so anyone looking at our GitHub will see existing bounties, as well as links to fund new bounties. If you want to fund something but don't know what to fund, you can also use BountySource to donate to the Namecoin Project itself; those funds will be used to fund bounties. We're hoping that this will prove to be an effective means of helping to fund development, as well as bringing new developers into the project.

This account is run by the Namecoin dev team (currently myself, other developers will be added shortly). Currently 3 of our projects (libcoin rebase, FreeSpeechMe, and NMControl) are listed; others will be added.

Feedback welcome. Who will post the first bounty?