Namecoin video education project

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Namecoin video education project

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Hey everyone!

Some of you may have checked out the 'What is Namecoin?' video that I produced.

I have left in on the back burner to see how the community would respond. Response is minimal at the current time.

I would like to see this effort continued through making a series of videos explaining the different facets of Namecoin. However in order to take part in this effort I will need some funding to cover costs of hiring voice talent and SFX talent, as well as get some help from experienced writers for scripts.
First video cost just under $300 for talent. plus a few weeks of my own time and I did not pay the writer this time around.

A reasonable price to produce each video would be $800-$1500. I will be able to justify putting more time into the project if I get $400 worth of NMC/BTC to work with.

Currently I have all my script outlines on a shared google doc here
Fact checking and editing would be great

I think this would be a great project to move forward with.

main goal/use case of the project:
Educate people about Namecoin and how it can help them in a dynamic interesting way
Teach people how to navigate the ecosystem
Eventually develop a certification system for people to prove that they know enough to be able to help somebody setup their own .bit (for those less savvy)

I believe this project will help spread the word about Namecoin, and therefore should be funded. This will make for more support and innovation in this space in the long term.
I am also making some minor changes to the 'What is Namecoin?' video. Any feedback is welcome.

The future is bright:)

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