[ANN] New Namecoin trading tool!

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[ANN] New Namecoin trading tool!

Post by JimHendrix »

Free Namecoin and more trading tool!

BitcoinBeeper has added Namecoin to its Price Alarm/Live ticker

- Online in-browser coin alarm/live ticker
- Free! No sign-ups or emails needed
- Easy to use User Interface
- Compare multiple coins from multiple exchanges side by side
- Great arbitrage tool
- Javascript client side loading for faster loading times

Any questions or suggestion please contact us (info on the bottom of our homepage)
We hope you enjoy!

-Best Regards :D
BitcoinBeeper Homepage
BitcoinBeeper Homepage
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Re: [ANN] New Namecoin trading tool!

Post by joesmoe »

Nice, i'll give it a shot.

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Re: [ANN] New Namecoin trading tool!

Post by bitdeal »

I really like these tools. Let me know the price of this bitcoin trading tools??

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Re: [ANN] New Namecoin trading tool!

Post by biolizard89 »

Note that the link provided is HTTP, which comes with major security and privacy issues. As such I strongly recommend avoiding it.
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