Paysafecard for money

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Paysafecard for money

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I am looking for new customers here. I can exchange your paysafecacards for money and send it to your bank account for 20% of its value.
It means you will have 80 percent of its value. I am not new at this, I know I am ,,newbie" here, but I am doing it for a long time.
So if you write me that I have to do 1. step, I will not, because of 2 reasons:

1. If u will send me paysafe card, I have to exchange it for money FIRST and then I can send u 80%.

2. if u r ,,trusthworthy" user, it doesnt mean u will not scam me.( I have some experiences)

PS: I didnt come here for scamming, I am looking for new long-term partnerships.

my skype: capllis
my e-mail

Feel free to write me, but only serious interest.

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