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Price-Discovery is a Public-Good: BNC Releases Free API's

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 2:26 am
by bravenewcoin

A public good is a good that is both non-excludable and non-rivalrous, in that individuals cannot be effectively excluded from use, and where use by one individual does not reduce availability to others. For the Bitcoin & Blockchain ecosystem to grow, users need basic building blocks to make things relevant.

Price-Discovery and Currency Conversion is a bedrock for many applications. We already have several leading bitcoin wallets & companies using our API's.

We are now makinCurrency Conversion & Price Tickers Free. Forever.


Select currencies to convert between - there are 30,000 permutations.


Our Currency Conversion API's have clean documentation and logical outputs.

Global Indexed Prices

Need the price of Bitcoin or Doge-Coin (or over 100 other Digital Currencies) for charts or applications?

We've done the hard work.

We tap into all exchanges, and go through a robust methodology, to bring a true global spot price for any Digital Currency/Asset/Equity.


Get pre-calculated results in any currency you want.

Free. Forever. Enjoy.

Click here to see API details.

BNC will continue publishing new and useful tools in the coming weeks and months.

The first set of premium API's & Datasets will be rolled out as early as next week. This includes the Bitcoin Liquid Index historic and live data.
The B-WAP (Block Weighted Average Price) and much more.

Re: Price-Discovery is a Public-Good: BNC Releases Free API'

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 3:15 am
by biolizard89
What exactly does this have to do with Namecoin? Should this thread be moved to one of the Economy sections?

Re: Price-Discovery is a Public-Good: BNC Releases Free API'

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:32 am
by phelix
I was about ready to move this to trash but it turns out they have some Namecoin info after all:

Will move to marketplace