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Re: buy, sell, exchange Namecoin, Bitcoin,

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:02 pm
by phelix
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Advertisements: Maximum of one post per month. (Must be related to Namecoin.) makes buying Namecoin via credit card easier

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 5:54 am
by 247exchange
Our cryptocurrency exchange service has offered the fastest growing and highest limits for credit/debit card purchases on the market. In addition we have made the whole buying process as easy as possible. Purchasing various amounts of Namecoin now can be done in just few clicks!

Our service made it extremely easy to purchase namecoins with credit or debit cards of different types. Now your limits rise faster and maximal buying amounts are higher. Even rather big quantities of "coins" can be bought without any delays and difficulties.

For example, earlier it took over two months to get $250/day limit, but now - only one. We also integrated the "custom limits" option for the most trusted clients, so, if you need an increase – you just make a request and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Also, we made the interface improvements aiming to provide you the maximal convenience. We modified the whole procedure of limit calculation making it easier to understand. We also added the information about your current limits to "My cards" section and added reminders about availability of a new level.

We would like to remind that Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro credit and debit cards (including prepaid ones) are accepted. Payments can be done in different currencies. Moreover, our staff continues to work on optimizing verification process and expanding the list of accepted card providers.

We integrated the feature of instant buying Namecoin with credit/debit cards in the end of 2014. It quickly became demanded, but, judging by the comments, the process seemed little complicated for our clients. We studied all your feedback and decided to make some upgrades, because we take care of our customers. So, we made limits bigger due to your numerous requests. As a result, now we have the fastest growing and highest card purchase limits on the whole market.

To purchase Namecoin and other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin) via credit or debit card, you should submit a buy order. "Coins" will be sent instantly after you pay your order with your card.

Local bank transfers in Czech Republic offered

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2015 10:07 am
by 247exchange
Dear customers from Czech Republic, we're glad to offer you the local bank transfer option in CZK currency. Buy and sell Namecoin, Bitcoin and other cryptos without currency conversion! Depending on sending time such kind of transfer arrives the same or next business day (so, it's much faster than international bank transfer!). To use it, please submit a buy or sell order (depending on what transaction you need), choose Czech Republic as you country and Bank Transfer (CZK) as a payment method. Using this local payment method will save your time and money.

Also, we would like to remind you that for instant buying and selling cryptocurrencies in Czech Republic you can use Express Cash Transfer feature to receive/send cash in MoneyPolo branches. Choose what is more convenient for you personally!

Our withdrawal rates are better now!

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:26 am
by 247exchange
Dear customers! We made our withdrawal rates better! Now you'll get more money selling Namecoin, Bitcoin and other cryptos on our website! Check it yourself here! You can withdraw cryptocurrency using credit/debit card, international or local bank transfer, instant money transfer at 400 000 locations worldwide, etc. You can pay bills or send cash to your relatives and closed ones. has come to Canada

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:37 am
by 247exchange
Our cryptocurrency exchange expands to Canada. As a result, the Canadian users can buy and sell Namecoin without spending much money and time. Purchasing cryptocurrencies with CAD is an extremely easy thing now.

Cooperation with Vogogo payment processor makes it possible to buy Namecoin in a way which is very familiar to every Canadian citizen. Such popular local options as Interac ® Online and direct debit (EFT/eCheck) are accepted. Having an account at any Canadian bank is enough to start with.

Another strong feature of the service is that the user can buy Namecoin directly from his credit or debit card online. But it’s also OK if the customer doesn’t have a bank account or card. The partnership with MoneyPolo allows to buy/sell Namecoins with cash instantly across the country. So, our team cares of all categories of users.

Those who want to withdraw "coins" may use a credit/debit card, direct debit, instant money transfer or SWIFT transfer. Cashing-out can be made to any bank account in Canada.

We are very excited to spread our activity to Canadian market. Certainly it will be one of the most important directions for us. Cryptousers in Canada, especially the newbies, need easy, safe and instant way to convert CAD to crypto and vice versa. We are proud to provide them such opportunity”, Anton Vereshchagin, founder, says.

Re: buy, sell, exchange Namecoin, Bitcoin,

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:12 am
by haiqu
247exchange wrote:Dear friends and colleagues,
We're happy to represent you the licensed Namecoin exchanger
That's meaningless unless you mention the jurisdiction. I can't see it on the website either.

Not trying to be a grinch, but in some places a "license" (sic) is a mere rubber stamp.

I have to assume the USA due to the misspelling of licence.

Re: buy, sell, exchange Namecoin, Bitcoin,

Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:21 pm
by bitdeal
It’s my pleasure to hear this kind of website. Thanks for sharing.