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Auction: florists.bit

Posted: Thu Mar 13, 2014 9:09 pm
by xxeyes
florists.bit is up for auction following the common format with a new feature. The only valid bids will be those posted in this thread. All bids must be in NMC and at least 1 NMC higher than the previous bid. The auction ends after 72 hours of inactivity following the last bid.

The domain must be purchased from me on the website, where it is currently listed for 0.05 BTC. It works well as an escrow and there are no fees:

florists.bit will remain for sale through the above link for the duration of this auction as a "Buy it Now" feature. If someone should buy the domain from this link, all bids in this forum are void, even if they happen to reach a higher value than the listed 0.05 BTC.

We will start when someone offers 1 NMC.