[WTB] NMC and other ALTCoins - Payments in USD, EUR, GBP

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[WTB] NMC and other ALTCoins - Payments in USD, EUR, GBP

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I Buy PPC and ALTCoins

Payment will be sent shortly after confirmation by network. The number of required confirmations
depends on coin and volume.
Check available payment methods and liquidity here.
If you cannot find your preferred payment method contact me and I'll do my best to set it up.
I send last.

Make me an offer via email including:
ALTcoin you want to sell

I do occasionally sell bitcoins and altcoins but due to the enormous amount of scamming activity
going on I require one of several possible methods of identification for the purchaser.

Chargeback protection:
All payments originate from verified accounts under my own name. Additionally, at purchaser's request and for a
nominal fee I issue a digitally signed Purchase Agreement linked to the relevant blockchain transaction.

Trading and Use of escrows:
Even though I don't preclude using escrows I will only agree to that on really exceptional circumstances.

Quote validity:
Unless otherwise stated all quotes are valid for 15 minutes.


Plaintext channels:
cryptology_it (skype)
Secure channels:
cryptology@tiscali.it + PGP

Forum users with whom I have closed deals:
My Trust Trail

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